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Get accurate and actionable data of your properties with AEROSTEM Insights Reports. Our team of in-house experts and AI-assisted analysis provide an end-to-end aerial property inspection solution that is fast and safe.

Drone inspections can be deployed within days, providing imagery much faster than planes or satellites.

High quality aerial imagery, expert analysis, and AI-assisted anomaly detection provide accurate and actionable results.

Make better decisions with AEROSTEM Insights Reports. Detect issues earlier, saving time and money.

Save Lives. Every year in the United States more than 164,000 injuries happen in inspection related incidents.


State of the Industry

Of the thousands of roofs we’ve inspected, 85% were considered to be in poor to moderate condition. Lack of data and transparency allows fraud to run rampant in the industry, which adds unnecessary burden to consumers. Data suggests that 15% of inspection costs could be saved using AEROSTEM

 Insights reports.

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